Haaaaaaay my hunty’s and huncle’s, I hope you guys are having a fabulous day!! I start off with chilling with Maya, my boo from L.A came to visit me!!! We go for a ride and I show her a few things in my hometown and we randomly just start having a conversation about plastic surgery. What do you guys think about plastic surgery, should it be done or are you ruining the body that God gave you? Comment Below. Later on in the day Adam takes my damn camera to vlog with Stud and Pj. It’s good to see the boys just hanging out and behaving when I’m not there? They start talking about Delaila and things go up from there LOL. Later on that day we celebrate my Bug’s Birthday, I can’t believe she’s 1 years old!! Samia’s Birthday was a blast!! Thank to you everyone who came out to celebrate Samia’s birthday!!!!!

20 Responses to “My Birthday Vlog!”

    • Jehnaya

      Happy bday samia I watched u from the day u were born and be glad ur the first because its the best????????


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SAMIA ♡ Thanks to the man above for gifting Latoya and Adam a beautiful baby girl today ? Truly a blessing and a angel ? Hope your loved ones spoiled you and gave you the many gifts and presents you have wished for. Looking for the future pretty girl ? XXOO

  2. Paje axson

    Hey just wanted to wish you a happy birthday Samia…hope you had fun with your mommy and daddy and the rest of your family and friends…love you samia
    From a Atlanta Georgia Hunty.

  3. Kaishaia

    I just want to take this time to say happy birthday to a young adorable little girl name Samia. Every Monday Wednesday and Friday I hope another funny vlog. Samia words can not express how I feel about u you are so cute and I feel like we are family. I have a little sister and her name is Anissa and she just turned one September 30 and some times I would call her samia? but it’s ur birthday so Happy Birthday Samia god bless you and ur family and u live to see many more years . LOVE YOU SAMIA???

  4. Oumou

    Hope u had a great birthday I did a for your 1st birthday you can go look for that at Oumou14 ???????

  5. MiAngel

    So cute love Samia already can tell she gonna be beautiful when she grow up ?% growing up fast HAPPY B-DAY SAMIA ???????

  6. Kaidence

    Happy birthday Samia and let them give you what you want .samia God has sent you to your parents and you are a beautiful little girl and don’t nobody tell you are’ beautiful you are and also believe you can do any thing in the world so that you will have money to buy your dream home .

  7. Riiham Mohamed

    Happy birthday boo i love you so much i hope you had a blast for your birthday party with mini mouse i heard you were scared of mini dont worry i was a scardy cat when i was a little girl especially big things for example mini mouse loool anywhy i love you so much that i said happy birthday so much times but dont worry east african all the wayyy huntyy love you and dont forget that somali in us heeeey im crazy lool and inshallah u grow so beautifly and strongly just like your dad and inshallah you grow faster but once again happy birthday samia!!!!!!!♥♥♡♡♥♥♡♥

  8. Chrystal

    Happy 1st birthday Samia !ayy ! Im wishing y8u the best 1st birthday ever and i hoped you had lots of fun! Love you lots!

  9. Stella

    Samia, I sent you a card from your aunty in Burlington. Have a fab day with your auntys and Uncles.

  10. Samaria

    I want to wish samia the best plus u guys.she really looks beautiful and the whole family. Every day u guys make my day because of your beauty,kindness, love, respect,funniness.keep the good work up and do u boo ???????????????????‍?‍??☀️??????????????❤️❤️❤️?????? Turn up


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