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SURPRISE PREGNANCY REVEAL?! [#17-SEASON 6] My hunty’s and huncle’s, so happy that you guys decided to tune in to today because the burning question is – AM I PREGNANT!?!!!!!! I love you guys all so much and I’m so glad you guys are continuing to join us in our lives. Love you my Hunty’s and…

My Birthday Vlog!

SAMIA’S 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! Haaaaaaay my hunty’s and huncle’s, I hope you guys are having a fabulous day!! I start off with chilling with Maya, my boo from L.A came to visit me!!! We go for a ride and I show her a few things in my hometown and we randomly just start having a conversation…

Today is my birthday!!

Today is my birthday!! Want to leave me a video? Record it below – THANK YOU!!!

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