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Dr. Cymanthia Connell and Adam Ali present

3 Children book releases:

1. Samia and Her Electric Toothbrush

2. Samia's First Day at Gymnastics

3. Samia learns about being Courageous


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Important information about improving children's self-esteem.

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Samia's First Day At Gymnastics

All summer long Samia could not wait to start gymnastics class. But when Samia becomes nervous the night before, her parents come to the rescue to teach her a new coping skill to help her overcome her fears. Now she's ready to make new friends and jump, hop, skip, and flip. BUY THIS BOOK NOW

Samia & Her Electric Toothbrush

Samia wakes up at 7 am every day, ready to start her morning routine. Her special electric toothbrush is the best part! In this story, Samia takes her electric toothbrush to school for a very important mission. Take a read to find out what Samia's gadget does to make her so excited!  BUY THIS BOOK NOW

Samia Learns To Be Courageous

Through practice, Samia has improved to be an amazing swimmer. She notices her brother Zayn chooses not to swim so she joins her dad in encouraging her brother to try swimming. Through being courageous and practicing Zayn makes improvement in swimming. Samia is put to the test to try rock climbing an activity that Zayn is talented in. She learns to be courageous as well in trying a new activity. BUY THIS BOOK NOW

AUTHORS: Dr. Cymanthia Connell and Adam Ali

Dr. Cymanthia Connell  is a board-certified family doctor born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She is affectionately referred to as "Doctor Cyam" by her family and "Auntie Cyam" by the younger ones, including Samia & Zayn.  Dr. Cyam is a proud ambassador for healthy everyday living to prevent illness. Dr. Cyam's experience is that the best time and place to learn healthy practices is in childhood, in a family setting and at home.   For this reason, she shares her passion of health driven messages not only in her practice but also in her messages throughout media and in children's books.  She is currently practicing Family & Integrative Medicine in the Greater Atlanta Area in Georgia. 

Stay up to date with Dr. Cyam by visiting www.drcyam.com

Adam Ali is a full-time online video creator based in Toronto and Atlanta with a passion for telling visual stories. He's excited to incorporate practical life lessons through his daughter's book series. After seeing his daughter's love for reading time, Adam became inspired to write a book with his daughter as the main character. He believes at this tender age, kids can absorb some of the best lessons to shape their lives positively. He continues to inspire Samia to provide educational and fun messaging in her online videos and aims to do the same in future books too.

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Dr. Cymanthia Connell & Adam Ali


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"All kids need to learn to quiet their nervous systems when they become anxious. Samia is a wonderful teacher! Samia’s First Day at Gymnastics is a clear and empathic introduction to breathing exercises for all families!"

Victoria Maizes, MD

Executive Director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

"Super cute way to teach kids the importance of brushing their teeth . It’s fun, interactive and will have your little one wanting to brush their teeth after reading it!"

Gerren Ector, MD 

Pediatrician, Tri-county Pediatrics

"The production on this book project is clean and well done. The timing of the theme is absolutely perfect too, as our children are experiencing increased episodes of anxiety and anxiousness due to the global pandemic and drastic change in their schedules (no school and activities). I read this book with my daughter who is now 10 and she found it not only entertaining but impactful because the characters looked like her. We need more positive imagery and real life situations that our children can relate to. My daughter Nijayah immediately recognized the breathing technique you highlighted in this book and she said "Daddy that's what you do with me!"

Dr. Joel NM Kerr BPHE, DC, D. Ac

Director of Therapy, The Health Institute

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