Hey guys, we just wanted to give you a 12 Month update on Samia and how much she’s grown since birth!

She’s getting so big and we’re glad that you guys get to experience her growth on LatoyasLife!

Here are the updates on Samia and her 12 month period:


1. Her hairgrowth is super long but the back of her hair isn’t growing at all. Should Latoya cut it? What recommendations can you give us to grow Samia’s hair at the back?


2. Can we give a round of applause for Samia being an official artist? She loves to color and doodle on her new coloring books! That’s definitely a little girl who’s willing to learn!


3. Did you know that Samia now has 5 teeth? With her beautiful smile and cute soul, she manages to bite on everything she can get her mouth on including which is so much more easier for her now!


4. Samia is walking of course being able to say things like “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “Yes” and her favorite word of course “NO, NO, NO”. She’s learning so many new words but watching what we say around is very important!


5. She’s not the greatest listener but we are working on it and making sure that she does get better!


Samia is a smart little girl who is growing before her age and we’re proud to share these moments with you!

We will keep continuing to update you on Samia’s Life so you know everything that’s going on when it comes to her growth and what she does as the little princess that she is,

hope you all have a blessed week!

3 Responses to “SAMIA’S UPDATE – 1 YEAR”

  1. kayle

    she is so cute and I hope the next baby and samia can get along I samia don’t always hit the new baby.#lol#tocutebaby for life

  2. Jayla lee

    Samia is a blessing from God, and Pumpkin is also. Cherish these blessings FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all.

    PS: I watch ur vlogs all the time. Everytime i get a notification, I rush to my computer, and go straight to it!!!

  3. Alawiyah

    Hey Baby Samia, I have a idea for your hair growth in the back tell mommy and daddy to lay you on your side when you sleep.


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