Samia's 14th month Update! 1

Samia’s 14th month Update!

Samia’s 14th month Update!

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Hey guys, thank you so much for returning to Samia’s website for her 14 month update! Did we really just say 14 months? Samia has been growing remotely which is quite scary but you know what they say, cherish the times you have with your children because before you know it, they’ll be parents themselves, wow. Anyway, before we get so quick into the future, let’s give you an update within the past few months of what new things Samia has discovered within herself:

1. Samia is still saying no, but not so much as before. We are trying to get her out of the habit of saying it all the time so we avoid saying it from time to time unless she’s really not listening.

2. Did you know Samia gives high fives now like a champ? We all know Samia is an adventurous little girl so when she gives you those high fives, be prepared for a strong one!

3. She’s starting to say the word don’t, like damn. These little kids always have to say negative stuff before the positive stuff: No, don’t, what else is new? But Samia wouldn’t be who she is if she didn’t start off with those words first, our little cute monster growing up so beautifully.

4. If you’d like a mirror, just hold Samia while your at it. Samia literally copy’s everything you do if you tell her to which great in some senses but terrible in others. We watch what we say around her because she’ll put that apart of her little vocabulary she already has and will repeat it over and over.

5. Our little girl knows how to apply lipstick on her lips as if she’s a beauty guru, man Samia is growing up so fast it’s crazy. Next thing you’ll know she’ll be picking out her own clothes at this age too! Even though she ruins the makeup sometimes, it’s cute seeing her apply it by herself, she’s adorable.

6. This update is one of our favourites, Samia knows how to put on her shoes when she’s ready to go, yaaaaay. Whenever she knows she’s about to leave the house, she get’s her little shoes and tries to put them on and for the most part, she does. If she doesn’t get them on she comes to us of course and we get the job done!

It seems as if kids are growing every millisecond but it’s great seeing your kids grow into something special. I hope you guys enjoyed this update of Samia and stay tuned for more updates of what things she discovers next!

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