Samia 4 Favorite Activities 1

Samia 4 Favorite Activities

Samia 4 Favorite Activities

Hey guys and welcome back to another fun update on Samia of course! We had recently given you guys the inside scoop of what her favorite things are to eat, now we’re letting you guys know 4 favorite activities she likes to enjoy. Seems like every second she continues to grow it’s crazy. Kids grow so fast but nonetheless, here are her favorite things she enjoys to do in her spare time:

1. Did you know that Samia loves to ride in her toy car? Ever since she’s gotten it for Christmas, that all she loves to do is go outside and drive like she’s the next speed car racer, take it down a notch Samia! It keeps her energized but playful at the same time, her toy car is everything and more!

2. Samia loves to color with her new crayons, or eat them. Seeing her take out her
cool coloring books then whipping out her crayons is always good to watch, she’s really growing up!

3. Did you know she loves to put on lipstick? Yes at this age too, my goodness! Any lipstick that she see’s insight, she takes it and puts it on like she’s going on age 20, she’s so cute but lipstick so quickly? Samia has to slow but it makes her happy so everyone else is happy!

4. Looks like Samia has gotten equipped with her music seeing how she loves to bang spoons on pots and pans, she’s hilarious. I swear she can be in the band if she really want, she kills those pots and pans!

With all the growing that Samia has done, she has managed to try new things and explore different avenues when it comes to her playful. These happen to be her 4 favorite things that she’s tried along the way for her playful side and continues to do these activities all the time but there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as she’s happy we’re happy! Thank you guys for reading this update and we’ll see you next time!

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  1. camille

    I love your youtube channel then your daughter is so beautiful and your son is going to be handsome but keep up the good work and you should do daily march vlog for us


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