November Photos 1

November Photos

Hope you guys are doing well, a special thanks to all of you for keeping up with Samia on her amazing journey as she continues to grow. It’s crazy how much toddlers can grow in a year, before you know it their in Pre-school, then middle school, then high school and the list goes on from there. Samia recently did a photo shoot with a professional photographer who was loads of fun, from the looks of it, she had loads of fun herself:

IMG_5499November Photos 2

Look at that smile, Samia couldn’t resist but show all of her teeth that are growing in tremendously! Watch out, this toddler model will throw you out of the park!

November Photos 3

When Mommy tries to make you laugh but you’re still trying to figure who the person behind the camera is? It’s evident that Samia can go from happy to serious in a matter of seconds, don’t play with this little girl!

November Photos 4

Why not take pictures with Mommy & Daddy’s phone? Even though Samia has the beauty, she’s also incredibly smart! Knowing how to work phones, play with phones, use phones, this little girl will show you how to use your own phone!


From the looks of it, we understand that Samia loves to be behing the camera and work her personality without anybody telling her how to. Thank you guys for tuning in on the newest update on Samia, we will continue to give you regular updates on what this little girl is always up to and how much she’s growing.


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