Today is my birthday!! 1

Today is my birthday!!

Today is my birthday!!


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  1. Zyajah

    Baby peanut is such a blessing. Samia is a beautiful,unique baby girl, and Adam & Latoya are the proud parents of her..I hope Samia will become w vloger jst like her mom samialife ??happy birthday angel

    • Tayler

      Happy Birthday Samia ?? So happy that your going to be a big sister! I hope the baby is born April 1st because that’s my Birthday!! And bless your unborn child’s heart?? .Have a great day & Bye

  2. Aleah Henru

    I just wanted to wish Samia a Happy 1st Birthday. It’s amazing how big she got over the past couple of months. She has turned into a beautiful lady and she is so sweet and such a sweetheart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMIA

  3. trina

    happy birthday Samia,I cant believe you grew up so fast it feels like yesterday your mommy and daddy announced they were having you.I hope you enjoyed yourself on your special day

  4. Alyza

    Happy Birthday Samia! I can’t believe us Huntys and Hunkles have been watching you and your beautiful family grow! Many blessings and so much love to Adam, Latoya, Samia and to their family!

  5. Kells

    I apologize for the late post but HAPPY HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY SAMIA!!!!! I’ve watched you since your mommy found out she was carrying you and it’s been an awesome journey to witness! I wish your family nothing but success and I pray you celebrate too many birthdays to count! You’re super cute and precious and may God continue to shine on you! ?

  6. Diana

    Happy 1st Birthday Samia???? I Seen You Since You Was Born Now You 1 You So Adorable How Time Flies God Bless You Wish You Many More Years To Come Have A Great Day On Your Special Day ☺️

  7. elisandra santana

    happy belated birthday princess Samia, your such a cutie i can remember when last year you was in Latoya’s stomach and the day you born you’re such an happy little baby, may god bless you and many many more years to come love you…coming from all the way here in St.Maarten

  8. precious

    happy first birthday Samia i have watched your mums vlogs for as long as i can remember and have seen what a beautiful girl your growing up to be. wish you and your family all the best and many many many more years to come. God bless xx

  9. Vanessa Orhue

    Hey Baby Samia (SAMJEET), I want to wish you happy birthday! I have been watching you since you were born and now you’re so big and beautiful. God is great!

    Love from the U.K

  10. Nahomi Fulgencio

    Happy Birthday Baby Samia ??? Good Bless you and yourbeautiful family princess ?

  11. Nana Bonsu

    Remember when Samia was peanut
    Remember when Adam was rayshawn
    Remember when hunties were crazies
    When you came to the world you made everything in ali house different
    Happy birthday samia!

    • jelisa

      I love her that is so right you changed everything in the Ali house and that was a blessing Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dania

    Happy Birthday
    May every day for you be filled with Peace, Love and Happiness. For your parents too Adam and LaToya
    God is good all the time

  13. Sabria

    Happy first Birthday samia!! Your party was poppin and your outfit was cute. Love you samia

  14. Lollipop D

    Hey ! I know it’s late but i really wanna wish Samia a hapy brithday ! She’s more georgous than me, cute and so funny ! The time passed to fast ! And i’m also ao excited for your little sibiling Samiiiiiiiiieeee ! It’s so great to be a big sister !

  15. Carllayja

    HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY SAMIA!?? hope u had a great time and I wish you the best??

  16. jelisa

    I love you Samia you are cuite and you are a blessing from God Latoya and Adam are happy to have you as their child. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Janayah

    Samir my birthday is October 21 and your birthday is the same day as my bestfriends birthday ???


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