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Samia Loves making slime lately so we decided to make a video of her with slime 😉


SHE’S 2 YEARS OLD! – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR PRINCESS SAMIA! Thanks for coming by to check out today’s vlog! It’s all about Samia in today’s birthday special vlog. Hope you enjoy it. If you love Samia go check out her game and play it 🙂 Thanks to our host: [email protected] ———————————————————– SAVE SAMIA…


iOS: Android: LaToya’s Life Presents SAVE SAMIA. Samia is the first born daughter of LaToyaForever from the popular and entertaining YouTube vlog channel LaToya’s Life. Today Samia needs your help to get through obstacles and traps across the grimy streets of Toronto. Think you got what it takes to get through these streets of Toronto?…

Samia loved Atlanta

Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to check out Samia’s latest post. So in today’s blog post Samia recaps her fun experience in Atlanta. She loved Atlanta! Samia and Family at Coca Cola World Check out the vlog to see more of Atlanta! Samia and her Family from Atlanta Mommy at her meet and greet! Atlanta…

Samia has her own car!

Samia has her own car! Although she is a scared to drive it monetarily we are more than confident she will face that fear and start beeping her way in the streets. Adam got her a G55 Mercedes to match his car.

At the playground with Daddy

Samia Loves going outside! We’re starting to wonder how will she act when winter season returns. This child might just pack up and get on a flight to Orlando, FL. Anyway, today’s post is a post of Samia and Her Daddy @ADAMwontLOSE at a local playground. #DaddyandDaughtertime #DaddyGoals #LaToyasLife   Be sure to keep up…

Samia in the Bahamas 2016

Samia and Family came to the Bahamas. Samia Loved it!! Check out her Bahama photos 🙂 Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram too.

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