firstborn - samia


firstborn - samia

Being the first born has it’s perks and challenges. LaToya (Mom), Adam (Dad), Glamma (Grandma) are all first born children just like Samia and understand these perks and challenges. Therefore, being very sensitive with how to treat the first born when a newborn has arrived. Samia has a 1month brother Zayn, and we’re starting to see her do things that demand more attention like throwing fits when she returns from day care. She also adopted baby Zayn’s crying sound which we find hilarious and cute. The moral of this article is that we must always be very attentive to the first born child. How do we do that? Well, get them to help around, so they learn a sense of responsibility. Positive reinforcement also goes a long way. Shout out to all the firstborns out there 🙂



  1. Arjonae

    Hi Samia I hope you have a great life your family is so happy when that you are born I hope that can continue a Journey through out the world when you a grow your parents are so happy for you keep up your smile.

  2. Niesha bell

    Omg hi samia u r so adorable n so sweat n nice i would like to see u one of these days before u get anymore bigger #samiaiagettingolderohhno😱😱😱😱 but I would like to also say have fun on all ur trips n journeys through out life #Missspiceytrinidaddiva
    Sincerely Niesha Bell


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