Hey guy’s, we hope you all are doing well, we just wanted to welcome every single one of you back for another Samia update and the things that she’s been up to being now finally 16 months, wow! As the days go by, she grows a lot, does more things on her and it seems like every chance she gets, she wants to learn something more and more each day. Today we give you 5 updated facts about Samia and the things that she has been doing as the cute toddler she is. Majority of the facts are new and improved things that she does and for the rest, are the same things she still hates! Here are some quick updated facts about Samia:


  1. Did you know Samia can recognize different foods? If she see’s a certain fruit or vegetable that she knows, she’ll call out what it is with excitement! Now that’s our girl, she’s always willing to read and learn what new things are day-by-day!
  2. Samia now knows how to recognize different animal sounds, that’s so cute! If you ask a certain animal to imitate, she will make the sounds of those animals and have fun with it!
  3. Samia still HATES getting her hair done and I think that’s something that just won’t change until she get’s bigger. We’ve tried numerous amount of things to make her enjoy herself while her hair is getting done but nothing works! The perks of having a baby who doesn’t like to get their hair down I tell you!
  4. After all these months of changing Samia you’d think she’d get used to changing her diaper? Not at all. Samia will pout, shout, and yell but once she’s done changing her diaper she moves on and does her thing, wow our child is cute but she is something else sometimes!
  5. Sami has recently discovered new words to say which is amazing! Anytime she wants her bottle, she say’s “Milk” and anytime she wants to be picked up of course she says “up”. Our baby girl is getting so smart it’s unreal, she’s just so precious!


With all the growing that Samia has done, she has managed to try new things and explore different avenues when it comes to her toddlerhood. These happen to be the top 5 updated facts about Samia and we’re so glad that she continues to learn new and improved things. Thank you guys for reading this update and we’ll see you next time!


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  1. kelly-louise

    Omg samia is soo adorable and fun to be with god bless tour child and your future as a family. La Toya I love your blogs and videos they are soo good


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