Samia’s First Pet

Samia’s First Pet

Hey guys, welcome back to Samia’s website where we give you full updates on Samia’s life and updated things that she’s been up too! Samia continues to grow endlessly each and everyday, it’s quite a ride but nonetheless amazing! She’s walking, learning how to say big words and carrying a lot of knowledge being only 1 years old and a few months.

Did you know that recently Samia got her first pet? We got Samia her first pet fish and she named him “WAWA”, she’s too cute. At first Samia almost killed WAWA by dropping the bag when we first got her fish but all is well, Wawa is safe and sound in his cool tank floating around.

Looks like Samia is very happy with her first pet, she enjoys Wawa and loves looking in the tank to see what she’s up to. The next step is to teach Samia how to feed Wawa to keep her healthy and floating away! I hope you guys enjoyed this update on Samia, thanks for viewing this post and hope to see you on the next update of our beautiful baby girl!

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2 Responses to “Samia’s First Pet”

  1. Tonisha Walker

    I absolutely love this site. I enjoy watching Samia grow and develop on the vlogs. Feels like she’s my little niece lol Keep up the good work Ali family and God bless!

    Sending love from Kansas City


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