Hey guy’s, how are you guys doing today? Welcome back to another Samia update and what she’s been up too. Samia has been growing day-by-day it’s AMAZING! seems like every chance she gets she wants to learn something more and more each day! This article may not be so fun but Samia has caught a cold and she’s sick! We definitely feel like it has to do with the weather and that’s why she hasn’t been feeling well lately. Here are some things Samia has experienced while being sick:


1.     Samia has definitely been real cranky ever since she caught a cold. She’s been crying, complaining, yelling and having a fit but at the end of the day, who likes being sick? We’ve been trying to calm her down a lot and it’s working but she’s still very cranky, it’s all right because that’s what toddlers do!

2.     Samia Recently experienced puffiness around her eyes and that wasn’t good. Normally she doesn’t experience that when she’s sick but this time around she did. We got her some great medication to heel it up so she should be okay in no time!

3.     We all experience when we’re sick but Samia has been coughing just a bit and experience a heavy runny nose issue! Being sick is definitely not fun for her but she’s getting a lot better with the antibiotics she’s taking!


Samia has been real sick lately but she’s getting better day by day, we just have to be there to make sure she’s eating the right things and doing the right things to get her health back in shape! Even though Samia is sick, she still does her absolutely best to have fun and explore different things! Thank you so much for viewing this Samia update and see you soon for the next update on our bug!


6 Responses to “I’M SICK!”

  1. Trill

    My bad that was my cousin that made that sick false comment I love your vlogs and have been watching since season 1 I used to watch Latoya Forever videos too. Once again I am sorry I love you Samia and Adam.

  2. Jhinaya

    Hope she feels better!😀😊💜Hopefully it doesn’t get worse. Get well soon Samia!!😘


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